How to get a cheap holiday

An old but good article from the This is Money website. Has some great tips on how to get a cheap holiday and some advice on how to haggle with Travel Agents.

The article says “Lots of travel agents are offering the same holidays, so play them off against each other – tell them about the deal you have found elsewhere and see if they will match it.

They go on to suggest searching various travel websites online to get your best quote. “Then phone all the major High Street chains and start haggling” they advise.

You can read the article in full here.

The great thing about Much Cheaper is that we do all the hard work for you. Just send us your best quote (which takes 2 minutes to do) and then we’ll forward it on to our team of agents. They will negotiate and haggle on your behalf to try and beat your quote. The whole process is totally anonymous – the agents don’t know who they’re competing against and they never have access to your personal/contact details. Think of it as hassle free haggling!

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