How does Much Cheaper work?

It's FREE, takes 2 minutes and could save you hundreds of pounds...


Find a holiday, hotel or cruise that you want to book. Once you have your final quote (that you are happy to book) send it to us via the form on the beat my quote page.


Our hand-picked network of Travel Agents will search numerous suppliers, haggle, negotiate and generally work their magic to beat your quote. They will then send their best quote for your holiday back to us.


The team at Much Cheaper will then analyse the Travel Agent quotes, pick out the best (cheapest) one and send it to you.


If you would like to book we will then put you in touch with the winning Travel Agent. There is no obligation to book and we’ll never pass your details on to a third party without your prior consent. The whole process normally takes no longer than 4 hours (time of day permitting) and can bring maximum savings of more than 10% off!

Still have questions?

Much Cheaper is the first FREE service of it’s kind – so, understandably, you may have a few questions.
Don’t worry you’ll be able to find all the answers here.

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